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Im trying to make a program that captures a video from the webcam and sound from the microphone but im getting stuck at the part where ive try to make a movie out of still images

ive heard you need to use directshow but it doesnt jet work for me

Does someone know a good piece of example code that captures video and sound and can encode it to a file (divx or something like that) ?

or some suggestions where to look so i can build it myself

(if a other programming language is better for this im happy to know it early. )

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ffmpeg.org –  Jay May 11 '10 at 1:25
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I believe AForge.net has video creation utilities built in. It might use DirectShow in the background. But I've used it for capturing a video stream, and I'm 90% sure it can be used for encoding video!

Find your binarys/source at:



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Take a look at DirectShow.NET (Article), which has many samples such as TV capture and encoding.

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