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I narrowed the causes of an AS3 compiler error 1119 down to code that looks similar to this:

var test_inst:Number = 2.953;

I get the error "1119: Access of possibly undefined property constructor through a reference with static type Number."

Now if I omit the variable's type, I don't get that error:

var test_inst = 2.953;

it produces the expected output:

[class Number]

So what's the deal? I like explicitly typing variables, so is there any way to solve this error other than not providing the variable's type?

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ok, this is a little hard to explain ... first of all, here is how it works:

var test_inst:Number = 2.953;
trace((test_inst as Object).constructor);

to my understanding, this comes from the fact, that the property constructor comes from the ECMAScript-nature of ActionScript 3. It is an ECMAScript property of Object instances and is inherited through prototypes. From the strictly typed world of ActionScript 3 (which also uses a different inheritance mechanism), this property is thus not available.


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That's right. It'll also work if you compile without strict mode -- which is not really recommended. –  mrkishi May 11 '10 at 16:10


that has all the info you need :)

basically, trace(test_inst["constructor"]) will work.

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Object(someobject).constructor will achieve the same thing -- and you don't have to deal with compiler issues.

Object(someinst) === someclass works as well.


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