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What Ruby IDE do you prefer?

I'm making a simple script using ruby on a Windows 2003 Server. My questions are:

  • How can I connect to a database through ODBC? I will be connecting to both Sybase on Solaris and MSSQL Server.
  • How can I send emails through an Exchange Server 2003?


  • What's the best simple IDE for Ruby scripting? I currently use SciTE (which comes with Ruby)
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This really is two separate questions, with the second one already answered many times on SO. – Jonke Nov 12 '08 at 19:45
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There is an ODBC package for the Ruby DBI module available, or you can try to use the ODBC binding for Ruby, which also includes a Win32 binary.

Here an example that uses RDI (stolen from here):

require 'DBI'

# make an ODBC connection
conn = DBI.connect('DBI:ODBC:datasource','your_username','your_password')

# returns a list of the table names from your database

# returns an array with the resultset from your query
rs = conn.select_all('SELECT * FROM TheTable')

(ODBC datasources can be defined using the ODBC Administrator available via Control Panel/Administrative Tools.)

For e-mailing I would suggest you simply use the standard mailing capabilities of Ruby and connect to your Exchange Server through SMTP.

I cannot recommend you a Ruby IDE, though, as I do my text-editing with VIM. :-) Other people might be able to give you a hint on that.

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For a Ruby IDE, try NetBeans.

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NetBeans is one of the best IDEs I've ever used for any language, hands down. Its Ruby support is spectacular. – Robert K Nov 11 '08 at 13:57
I use NetBeans when I must use Windows or Linux. I use TextMate on my Mac. I don't need IDE support when I have a nice tool like that :) – epochwolf Nov 12 '08 at 14:22

For simple but powerful use ado and ruby on windows.This is a really good example.

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Be warned that the ODBC drivers included with the One-Click Installer for Ruby don't seem to be Unicode aware. (Accessing a SQL Server database from Unix, I used FreeTDS to convert UTF-16 to UTF-8 prior to getting it from UnixODBC.) I haven't been able to make a similar conversion in Windows.

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