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I wrote a C++ program to send a mail using SMTP. But when I attach any files I notices that a single file's size always is limited to 808 bytes. As an example if I send a text file with 10 KBs, when I download the attachment it has only text worth 808 bytes. If the large file is a zip file, it gets corrupted in unzipping obviously due to CRC failure. I used a MAPI library to send larger files without a problem. Is this a network limitation of SMTP? Can someone please explain why this is happening??

Thank You!!!

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SMTP has no such limitation. It must be your implementation. If you show some code, and perhaps stick around to answer some questions, maybe we'll be able to help you. –  Jim Lewis May 11 '10 at 5:46

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How are you attaching and encoding the files? Are you using MIME? 8-bit clean?

SMTP has no built in limits, but has specific limits in how data is transferred (formatting, etc). In general, most mail systems reject mails with greater than 5-10MB of data.

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I agree, I would look at how your SMTP server is set up. There is fairly simple command line Telnet tools debug a SMTP server. This might prove useful if you don't have access to the SMTP server :) –  Rihan Meij May 11 '10 at 5:54

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