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How can I make a 404 php page with the 404'd file name in the link, example would be:


would go to

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That's a feature of your HTTP server, not your PHP installation. Which one are you using? Apache? Lighttpd? Nginx? IIS? Something else? –  soulmerge May 11 '10 at 7:03

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Sorry did abit of research after soulmerge told me its a feature in my http, so i found out


then i used htaccess to go to a 404 file which would echo that out, the rest of the work is simple.

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I use this syntax! Usually works!

ErrorDocument 404 "<script>window.location.href='404.php?page='+window.location.href.split('/')[window.location.href.split('/').length-1];</script>"
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