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I am writing a Songbird addon, with three parts: XUL (javascript), a GStreamer filter and an XPCOM addon.

I am interested in accessing the GStreamer layer from my XPCOM component. If anyone knows any resources on how to do that I'd be grateful.

Specifically, I need documentation or examples on accessing the GStreamer functionality from within my addon (building a GST pipeline and running a file through it, from my XPCOM component (C++).

Thanks :)

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A few months ago I created a XULRunner application for recording live camera and audio streams. It was based on GStreamer via an XPCOM component. I got my inspiration from the GStreamer code.

However, you want to access the GStreamer functionality from Songbird. I'm not familiar with that route. If I were you I would start with looking at the addons-api documentation.

If StackOverflow isn't very responsive you can always try the songbird-dev mailing list, or the irc channel: irc://


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