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Is there a good book or set of online tutorials that will let me produce high quality templates on like themeforest.net ?

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It's actually not that easy to produce good looking websites. A bit like being a good programmer (unfortunatley I can't claim to be that great at either). But I actually started out with designing websites for people and businesses (in high school).

What I can say is:

  • Copy, copy, copy - grab the HTML from various "good looking" websites and stick them into Dreamweaver or whatever editor you use.
  • Alignment - I learnt the importance of this from a book called "The Non-designers Design Book"
  • Apparently there is a book called the Zen of Web Design or something like that
  • I don't think online tutorials will necessarily guide you through the whole gamut of web design techinques and strategies the same way they wouldn't explain C++ in its entirety, but you will get lots of tutorials that give you different techniques and you will learn what is required in terms of html,css, and images to get the look you want.
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i thought about doing this but could i get in trouble for copying css and html ? – dfafa May 11 '10 at 9:35
You can copy, for the purpose of learning. Once you know what you are doing you can then apply those techniques. – Ankur May 17 '10 at 1:33

I love Steve Krug's, Don't make me think. It's about usability and web design. He analyzes the most popular sites and compares their design and usability.

Very recommendable! http://www.amazon.com/s?ie=UTF8&index=blended&field-keywords=steve%20krug%20don%27t%20make%20me%20think&tag=smtfx1-20

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You'll probably be able to learn to produce decent looking sites, but unless you have a good eye (which is harder to learn), you'd be better hiring a designer...

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One thing that a web design prof I had hammered into us is that there are very few "original" ideas on the majority of web sites out there. Peruse the web, see what you like, and incorporate some of the good ideas into yours.

I'm not advocating stealing the format completely mind you, I'm just saying to build off of other's good ideas.

Another good idea, Smashing Magazine usually produces great lists of various types of website layouts. Be sure to check those over as well! Here's one for portfolio websites, for example.

For producing the templates, you're pretty much going to want to mock it up first in something like Photoshop (tutorials abound on the web for doing web layouts in PS), and then create your HTML/CSS code, either by hand or with software like Dreamweaver.

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I'm the type to teach myself things and because of that I've learned a lot about websites (and design) simply by cruising around online. As long as you have a sense of what's quality info and what's not you can learn loads! And like you I think copy and paste are the BIGGEST tools. I understand HTML and CSS and can usually parse bits together. Is it perfect? No. Can a designer/developer do better? Absolutely! But its all about learning for me!

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