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my problem is that my full tables and text are coming about 15 cm away from left side, so my text has very little space on right side, about 3 cm.

How can I change my text and tables to start from 5 cm away from left and 5 cm before right side?


\oddsidemargin 0cm
\evensidemargin 0cm


\topmargin -2.5cm
\parindent 0cm
\textheight 27.5cm
\parskip 3mm




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Use the layout package to see what margins are in effect: – Charles Stewart May 11 '10 at 11:05
A quick answer is just to \usepackage{fullpage}. – Geoff May 11 '10 at 12:41

I would recommend you to have a look at the geometry package.

This package can be used in the following way for instance:

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