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I have a table of products on my page, each product has zero or more colors, the colors are shown as a list beneath the product. After the colors I have a button to add a color. The button will do an ajax call with the parent product id to a controller which will return a JSON object with color information. My problem is where to store the product id in the DOM, should I put it in a hidden field and use jquery in the click event of the "add color" to get to it? What is the best way to do this?



EDIT: The page is initially rendered on the server so I don't want to use jquery to add the id's to the page.

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The quick and dirty way would be to put it in an anchor tag's rel attribute. Or you can use the metadata plugin: http://plugins.jquery.com/project/metadata. It's capable of getting "data-something" attributes from an element. And the "data-something" attribute is valid for HTML 5 (more info).

So you can have your html look like:

<tr data-productid="123"><td>...</td></tr>

And on a click event:

var productId = $('tr-selector-here').metadata().productid;
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