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I have 2 websites running my local IIS 7.5

One is a publicportal and the other one is a service website that is the application end of the publicportal

There's no problem profiling the publicportal but when I add the application website as a profiling target it say's PRF0017: Can't launch server for 'http://localhost/adman/

I tried adding a default page to it but the same error keeps coming up.

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I just ran into this error yesterday and somehow stumbled on the solution:

Selecting the "IntelliTrace events and call information" radio button option under Tools-->Options-->IntelliTrace-->General

screen shot of tools_options

causes the following error when attempting to run a performance profile session. This prevents the performance profile session from starting.

screen shot of Error Encountered

In order to run a performance profile successfully, you must select "IntelliTrace events only"

screen shot of correct IntelliTrace option

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