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I have the next combobox:

this.comboBoxProd.Enabled = false;
this.comboBoxProd.FormattingEnabled = true;
this.comboBoxProd.Items.AddRange(new object[] {
            " Digital IXUS 850 IS ",
            " Digital IXUS 900 Ti ",
            " Digital IXUS 75 -NEW- ",
            " Digital IXUS 70 -NEW- ", etc.

I want to change it and take the values from a db. My database name is bd1.mdb and in the table Cameras it has the following fields: CamID, Cameras, Warranty, Year. I am only interested in the "Cameras" field. Thank you!

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You should take a closer look for ADO.NET operations with .mdb files here

First,prepare your connection string

string connString = "Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=C:\\bd1.mdb";

Next step is to prepare your query

string query = "SELECT Cameras FROM Cameras";

You will need an adapter to bind datasource,in your case it's OleDbDataAdapter

OleDbDataAdapter dAdapter = new OleDbDataAdapter(query, connString);

Now you can use a DataTable object to bind into combobox

DataTable source = new DataTable();

Fill data into your source


Your source is full with Cameras,now you can refer to your combobox control

combobox.DataSource = source;

DO NOT FORGET THAT you should that which field will be displayed in Combobox items

combobox.DataTextField = "Cameras";//from query
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didn't helped me very much. i don't wont to modify the content of the database, i want to add content from it. – Bomboe Cristian May 11 '10 at 12:21
Sorry for inconvenience,Bomboe when I was writing the entire answer,I should have deleted rest of it. – Myra May 11 '10 at 12:40
ty, this really helped me! – Bomboe Cristian May 11 '10 at 13:30

Probably want to add a valuemember to the combobox this way you can link back to the camera id. Try changing the query to:

SELECT CameraID, Cameras From Camers

Then add the cameraID to the value member

combobox.valuemember = "cameraID"


combobox.displaymember = "Cameras".

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