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i am creating flex 3 component when i re size the window i need to re size the labels and text.how to do this?


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Did you try a width and height in percent?

<mx:Label text="This is my text" width="100%" height="100%"/>

As far as the text is concerned, check out this trick used here

     * Cheesy loop to find what should be the font size to fit the text in the inner rectangle
     * This is invoked by creationComplete (or whenever you want to resize the font)
    private function resize():void {
        var tf:TextField = lSpeech.mx_internal::getTextField();
        var textFormat:flash.text.TextFormat = tf.getTextFormat();

        while( tf.height > height * 0.707 && textFormat.size > 1 && labelFontSize > 1) {
            textFormat.size = int( textFormat.size) - 1;
            tf.setTextFormat( textFormat);
        // repsition the label (vertical center)
        lSpeech.y = (height - tf.height) / 2 - 10;
        lSpeech.height = tf.height;
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Thanks for you,i don't get a solution,inside the vBox i put a label and text and images images are correctly shrink but text and label are not shrink my label and text width, height="100".what to do?any other suggestion? –  aravindakumarThangaraju May 12 '10 at 6:22

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