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I'm trying to add FCKeditor extension in mediaWiki and I followed all the instructions that are written in their documentation http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:FCKeditor_(Official)

but it throws me this error.

Strict Standards: Declaration of FCKeditorParser::makeImage() should be compatible with that of FCKeditorParserWrapper::makeImage() in C:\www\wiki\extensions\FCKeditor\FCKeditorParser.body.php on line 707

Strict Standards: Declaration of FCKeditorParser::parse() should be compatible with that of FCKeditorParserWrapper::parse() in C:\www\wiki\extensions\FCKeditor\FCKeditorParser.body.php on line 707

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I have carried out the following changes in FCKeditorParser.body.php

Line 338: function makeImage ($nt, $options ,$holders=false)

line 488: function parse ($text, Headlining $title, ParserOptions $options, $linestart = true, $clearState = true, $revid = zero)

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expln properly plz –  Gadde Dec 19 '12 at 10:54

It seems your PHP is running in strict mode. The latest version of FCK Editor seems to have issues with strict PHP. See here FCK Editor Extension Talk.

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You should double check all your path variables in LocalSettings.php, especially $IP.

In the extension itself you should verify that $wgFCKEditorExtDir and $wgFCKEditorDir are set correctly.

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