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We've just added Facebook like button to, however the json returned by facebook is

for (;;);{"error":0,"errorSummary":"","errorDescription":"","errorIsWarning":false,"silentError":0,"payload":{"requires_login":false,"success":false,"already_connected":false,"is_admin":false,"show_error":true,"error_info":{"brief":"Website inaccessible","full":"The page at http:\/\/\/global\/songs-and-lyrics\/releases\/the_hits could not be reached."}}}

It basically says that the website is not accessible. We've implemented this on other sites and it's fine. I'm not really sure where this is coming from. Any ideas?

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Did you ever get it to work? – NealWalters Jul 19 '11 at 19:54

Add "/" at the end of the URL:

Then it should work.

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Sorry that isn't the case. – buggedcom May 25 '10 at 10:46
I've seen this error most frequently when the href (or actual page URL) is fine, but there's a <og:url> tag with a similar but slightly incorrect URL - this can be hard to debug because the linter doesn't explain precisely where the 'inaccessible' URL originated – Igy Jul 19 '11 at 21:53

I had the same issue, adding the url parameter worked for me

<fb:comments url="your_url"></fb:comments>
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I know this is an old question, but I had the same problem today. The solution involved using this page: until it was clean.

My case was a simple typo, I had put instead of (the last letter of "button" was an "m" instead of an "n").

I took the URL that linter was complaining about, pasted into the URL of the browser, and sure enough, it could not be found.

Then I bounced FireFox, then actually found another error in the "lint" or "linter" utility (the graphic name also had the misspelled domain name, bounced FireFox again, then it worked.

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