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I'm trying to upgrade my mvc 1.0 application that had a custom written login. I assign the authcookie like this:

string _roles = string.Join(",", _ugr.GetUsergroupRoles(_username));

FormsAuthenticationTicket authTicket = new FormsAuthenticationTicket(

 HttpCookie cookie = new HttpCookie(FormsAuthentication.FormsCookieName, FormsAuthentication.Encrypt(authTicket));

When I debug I got _roles = "Admin"

And I have an actionfilter that overrides OnExecuting where I have:

string[] _authRoles = AuthRoles.Split(',');

bool isAuthorized = _authRoles.Any(r => filterContext.HttpContext.User.IsInRole(r));

if (!isAuthorized)

And here if I debug _authRoles has "Admin" in it, and isAuthorized is always false.

If I check the "ticket" it has some: UserData = "Admin".

What can be wrong there? Is it the "User.IsInRole" that is different, or do I need to add something in web.config?


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