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I created a simple xmpp bot in PHP which connects to google talk server. I basically modified the cli_longrun example. When I run the script in browser the bot comes online and stays online for a while even after I close the tab on which the script was running (as it is just an infinite loop listening for events on the stream). But after a while the bot becomes offline.

The question is how do I keep the bot always online. One way I can think of is to run a cron that would disconnect the earlier one and start a new session. But is there a better approch?

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Run it from a command line, as long as the script doesn't break it'll stay running as long as the prompt is open.

If this is on a shared host, most likely they have measures in place to prevent a script from running forever even if you have set_time_limit(0) -- so you might be out of luck.

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And even then from the command line you'll have to use nohup, otherwise it might end after you disconnect. Most shared hosts will also end processes that run for too long. –  Konerak May 11 '10 at 13:33

Might also respawn the script with a crontab entry of "@reboot sleep 300; ./runbot.sh" in your crontab if you are allowed cron access.

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yes thanks. that's definitely a todo. I keep forgetting such edge cases :) –  Gunjan May 21 '10 at 6:38

Run it from the command line and make sure your script doesn't end. Make sure you set_time_limit to 0 to keep it from killing itself.

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