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Can any one guide me on how i can send emails with a return path in 3.5 / C# 3.5. I know this was possible few years back but now due to spoofing issues this is not possible. I have been looking on internet but no use. I want the emails if bounced, should reach my bounce mail box, which could be like

Please guide. Really stuck ...

Best regards, Haroon

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I did a check on and found that you are not able to.

According to the RFCs, the Return-Path can only be added by the recieving server. If an exisiting Return-Path header is found, it is to be removed, or not obeyed.

So, adding a Return-Path header won't work.


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Hi @Mike is there any other way of doing this? any workaround for this? – Haroon May 29 '10 at 6:56
Nope, not unless you can build a hybrid time machine / dodge ball canon and re-write the RFCs yourself. The simple solution could be to send out the emails using this format then set up a filter in your mail client to catch the bounced e-mails. The way e-mail servers work they will ignore anything after that + sign. So the e-mail will get routed to your account. Also you will probably want to set a display name in the header so the original recipients won't see they'll see something like Haroon or – Mike Keller Jun 1 '10 at 14:28

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