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There is a list of C++ XMLRPC implementations in Wikipedia:

I wonder that people use which of these libraries most. Do you have experience with these libraries?

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I've used gSOAP in the past. I found it pretty nice to work with. It's fairly mature and runs on a variety of platforms. I thought the documentation, along with examples to be sufficient. We used it on a project that needed to communicate with ASP.NET web services from a Linux environment.

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Thank you. Actually I will use XML-RPC just for communicating a server application in the same LAN. gSOAP will be a big solution for this purpose, I think. –  xyzt May 11 '10 at 15:27
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I think that xmlrpc++ is what you're looking for. Though I can't give objective comparison to every library listed here, I must say that's it's extremely versatile, well-written and somewhat easy to get used to.

Well, it actually some kind of lacks in documentation, but this is also subjective (hate this doxygenized way of presenting information).

Added : ulxmlrpcpp also (never used it, just looked through documentation) seems fine and well-designed.

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