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Alright, so I'm trying to write a program for Android for a project for school, I figured out how to use Intents to scan, but once I find a product, how do I get that info into my app? For example, say I'm getting info from upcdatabase.com, I would just add the barcode number to the end of the url, but then how to I draw that data in? The same with Google search, how would I draw the data and the image of the item into the app?

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UPCDatabase doesn't seem to provide a API or other queries to do a lookup. So if you have to use UPCDatabase i would try to use a HttpClient and make a GET to retrieve the data from the URL your build with your barcode. Then you have to somehow parse the result so that you will get the information you need.

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No. upcdatabase.com provides webservice to access data, which is providig xml-rpc webservice to fetch and add items to their database, for more information, you can look into below link,


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