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I checked my html page generated by and I can see this line

Sys.Application.add_init(function() {

I think it's generated from CollapsiblePanelExtender with name cpeDetails. And I see you can pass number of events to it, wich is now null (third argument). What should I do to set add_ended event there?

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AJAX controls/extenders have a bunch of OnClient properties,which you assign the name of a method as the handler as in OnClientClicked="funcname". You can define that on the server, and it gets wired up on the client. You can also register an event handler on the client to, as in:

var o = $find("<%= cpeDetails.ClientID %>");
o.add_<event>(function(sender, e) 
   //event handler code

So you could do o.add_ended(function() { /* handler */ }). Is there an ended event? I don't recall that being an option...


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