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In my html, I use Model.Subcontract.company

How can I reference that data in my jQuery?

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Set the value to an html element and then access it via jquery.

<input type="hidden" value="<%= Model.Subcontract.Company %>" id="hidData" name="hidData" />

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I wound up doing it this way. Mine was starting to get cumbersome as I got further into it. –  RememberME May 11 '10 at 22:28
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I was able to do it like this:

"<%= Model.Subcontract.company %>"

It's always easier to figure it out after you've given up and asked the question!

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As long as you write the JavaScript inside the View file it will work, but in the future if you put all the JavaScript in a separate .js file it ll stop working, as the .js extensions are not processed by the IIS pipeline, it wont parse the "<% %>" tags anymore unless you do some hacks to the IIS. –  JOBG May 11 '10 at 19:12
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