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Which cloud providers accept the shipping of disks with very large amounts of data (say, several Terabytes) for data migration (instead of having to transfer massive quantities of data over wires)?

I know that AWS currently offers this kind of service; even so, I was not able to get answers for this question with respect to Azure, Force.com, AppEngine, and Rackspace Cloud.

I am currently focused on these 4 providers, but info on others is also welcome!

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This article from Feb says that Microsoft is evaluating such a service http://searchstorage.techtarget.com.au/news/38951-Microsoft-evaluating-bulk-import-service-for-Azure

Have not been able to find anything newer.

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I couldn't find anything either newer either, thanks for your response anyway! –  Pablo Alvim Jul 19 '10 at 21:01

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