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I'm looking for an implementation to the Minimum Cost Flow graph problem in OCaml.

OCaml library ocamlgraph has Goldberg algorithm implementation.

The paper called Efficient implementation of the Goldberg-Tarjan minimum-cost flow algorithm is noting that Goldberg-Tarjan algorithm can find minimum cost graph. Question is, does ocamlgraph algorithm also find the minimum cost? Library documentation only states, that it's suitable at least for the maximum flow problem.

If not, does anybody have a good link to a nice any minimum cost optimization algorithm code? I will manually translate it into OCaml then. Forgive me, if I missed it on Wikipedia: there are too many algos on flow networks for the first day!

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ocamlgraph currently doesn't provide such algorithm. This is a well-studied problem and there is plenty of code and descriptions on the net, also Wikipedia points to several possible approaches.

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Thank you for the answer! I'll look elsewhere then. –  Tautrimas Pajarskas May 12 '10 at 9:40

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