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I ended up with a huge, single line string literal (don't ask me how) where everything is escaped (mostly), including new lines and double quotes. Problem is, I want the original string. The string is huge so I'm not even sure how to begin. Here's what I have:

"This\n is \"nice\",\nain\'t it?"

This is what I want:

 is "nice",
ain't it?

Again, the problem is that other shell sensitive stuff is not escaped (like $, or !), and that the string is couple of megabytes.

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This isn't for DNA splicing, is it? – Smandoli May 11 '10 at 22:28
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Python one-liner:

open("unescaped.txt", "w").write(eval(open("string.txt").read()))

You should have python on most linux installs.

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string="This\n is \"nice\",\nain\'t it?"
string=$(printf "$string")


string=$(printf "$string")
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Won't work because the string is not shell escaped and is full of characters like '$' and '!' that will mess up the assignment to a variable. (The first thing I tried, by the way). – Lajos Nagy May 12 '10 at 13:20

Sed's your buddy.

cat huge | sed -e 's/\\n/\  << yes,hit the enter key here, the \ capture the newline
/g' -e 's/\\"/"/g' -e 's/\\'/'/g' ... > file
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