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I'm trying to work on a new project parsing some JSON data for a Silverlight 4 project (specifically created as a "Silverlight Business Application - Visual C#" project) using C# in Visual Studio 2010, and I can't find how to include the references to have parsers and native object support for JSON data.

As far as I know my development tools are up to date (checked MS update).

I know that I can probably just write my own parser but that seems like re-inventing the wheel. Below are some lines that work in VS 2008 in another project of ours (can't post the files due to their being part of a business app):

using System.Json;

results = (JsonObject)JsonObject.Load(e.Result);

I hope my description is adequate.

Thanks for looking,


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I wish someone would have answered the question you asked, because I'm seemingly in a similar boat. – James Skemp Jul 20 '10 at 1:42
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I've been using Json.Net. ( to serialize.

[Update: for latest version]

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Thank you for sharing this =) – AuroraBlaze Nov 14 '14 at 5:23

Here you can find a very well-written open-source solution for parsing JSON data:

It is not native, but I have used it recently and did the job...

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Add a reference to System.Json. Add a reference to System.Json. I just did it and now my using statement is working fine.

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