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I have SSL enabled for subdomain.mydomain.com so I can access files via https://subdomain.mydomain.com. Now please tell me if I'm right.. if I have file somwhere in subdomain.mydomain.com called index.php I can securely access it via:


but I can also access it via


This time communication won't be encrypted though. So now it comes down to links only if I access files in subdomain.mydomain.com securely or not?

I will have another related question (and many more probably), but will post it as separate topic to keep things clean :)

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That's usually how it works, but it depends on your specific webserver's setup. For example, you can configure a web server to disallow non-HTTPS traffic completely or you can even serve totally different content between HTTP and HTTPS.

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You can force the use of the SSL site for non-https URLs. This way people cannot access the pages without encrypting the communication

In the http virtual host, VirtualHost, put just the line

    Redirect permanent / https://subdomain.mydomain.com
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Yes, using https: or http: in your URLs controls whether the access is secure or not.

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