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I have a really short question: Is it possible to communicate/use USB devices on Android OS? I assume it might be tablet device.

Lest say i want to connect some sort of USB card scanner to android tablet. Will it work? Do i need to write drivers by myself?


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First, you need a USB host port on your tablet. Except for On-the-Go (which is a special design that can be either host or device), it is not possible to connect two USB devices together. The incompatibility is electrical, no amount of software changes can make it work.

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So, OS does not provide such functionality at all? Any ideas how to make that work? –  Dan Sosedoff May 12 '10 at 1:15
Could a special "crossover cable" of sorts handle this? Or is it more complex than that? –  Jaxidian May 12 '10 at 1:17
The electrical difference is really only where the pull up/pull down resistors on the data bus are located. If the host is to provide power to the device there is also additional circuitry required as there is a negotiation that occurs where the device requests a curtain amount of power. It is possible to design a normal USB circuit that can run as both host/device but there is special circuitry required as well as the ability to switch out the driver. In short the tablet would specifically have to have a host port and i don't think there is a mechanism in android for providing USB drivers –  Mark May 12 '10 at 4:06
If you gained root access to the tablet and it has a host port, you could either write your own driver or there may be a linux driver for the device you want to use. android runs on a fairly stock linux kernel so most drivers should work with little or no modification. –  Mark May 12 '10 at 4:09
@Jaxidian: It's more than just pinout. Your "crossover cable" would have to have two USB hosts, or a USB host and two-port hub, a processor to act as a proxy (which btw requires device-specific, or at least class-specific, firmware logic), and its own power supply. By this time your cross-over cable is approaching the size and complexity of a smartphone. Much better to pick a tablet that comes with a host-capable port on it. –  Ben Voigt May 12 '10 at 18:15

Yes, some phones can work as hosts, like the DROID. Do a Google search for connecting a USB keyboard to an android phone, such as here: http://www.tombom.co.uk/blog/?p=124

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Yes, it will work, and you do not need to write drivers for the Android side. However, the device must support the open accessory protocol and must be able to supply power to the Android device. A development kit is available.

However: "Accessory mode is ultimately dependent on the device's hardware and not all devices support accessory mode."

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