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So, after little thinking I have wrote the following:

# In repository we don't need to have:
# Compiled object files

# Generated MOC, resource and UI files

# Debug and Release directories (created under Windows, not Linux)

# .log files (usually created by QtTest - thanks to VestniK)

# Built windows .exe and linux binaries
# NOTE: PROJECT is a your project's name, analog of PROJECT.exe in Linux

# Windows-specific files
# Mac-specific things (thanks to Michael Aaron Safyan)

# Editors temporary files 

Please ask, what needs to be added or fixed (especially for Windows - I haven't one under hand now. And Mac too [haven't work in it at all]).

I want to keep my repository clear :-)

UPD: Should I include Makefile and Makefile.* in it? *.pro.user?

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Personally, I think any generated file should be included, which would include all of the Makefiles. –  Caleb Huitt - cjhuitt May 12 '10 at 16:02

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Here is another listing (credits to the official Qt Mobility project) if you're building symbian-based Qt projects: http://qt.gitorious.org/qt-mobility/contacts/blobs/master/.gitignore

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You might be interested in this little project: https://github.com/github/gitignore

There you can find .gitignore files for several programming languages, OSs and even more.

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The .pro.user file should go into .gitignore. It is not meant to be shared between developers and/or platforms.

I would further add any file that is generated by the build step: This does of course include the Makefiles.

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Some additional things you might want to throw in are ".DS_Store" (created by Finder in Mac OS X -- it does pretty much the same thing as "Thumbs.db" on Windows) and "*.bak" (a common extension for temporary backup files, predominantly found among editors on Linux). You may also be interested in this article on cvs ignore which provides a fairly large list of common file patterns to ignore.

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Starting from Qt 4.6 I have added *.log to my svn:ignore since when I'm running tests which are built with QtTest library they produce such files.

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