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Our company is currently using Redmine, it's great for general tasks / troubleshooting (operation) but for development, I would like to adopt a more agile tool and I found it in pivotaltracker.

Has anyone done it? I'm thinking of using PivotalTracker as the main tool, and all activities will be posted back to redmine for archiving and reporting. (Redmine isn't particularly strong at that either, but it does have a budget plugin and I can query the database directly for my custom reports.)

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Have you considered using the Backlogs plugin for Redmine instead?

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Someone might just need to write a plugin at this point.

PT has a rich API and a section on its Integrations page about Activity Web hooks, and Redmine has a Developer Guide, albeit a pretty sparse one. Might be worth noting that Redmine's REST API will become available in a month or so with the new 1.0 version.

Until then, maybe ask this guy what he did?

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Here's Redmine's REST API, which is available in 1.0 (out next week?): – Noyo Jun 28 '10 at 17:09

Recently released, not sure how feature complete/stable it is... I'm about to try it now!

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