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I have a custom Control which contains the generic.xaml inside the Themes folder. I have set the build action to Resource.

Now from App.xaml I am setting the reference to the DLL by using :


After the reference is set I am trying to Merge the Resource dictionary in my App.xaml as follow:


                <ResourceDictionary Source="localFolder;component/Themes/generic.xaml"/>


But while running my application I am getting the following XAMLParseException:

Attribute localFolder;component/Themes/generic.xaml value is out of range. [Line: 16 Position: 44]
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Source should be in the Uri format - /assembly-name;component/path-to-resource. You can't define an XML namespace with xmlns:localFolder="..." and then use it in the URI string. Here is some reading on the accepted formats.

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