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I'm trying to capture the value that's throwing a uniqueness error (or for that matter, any other type of built-in validation) to display it in the :message option. Here's what I tried (didn't work)

# inside the model
validate_uniqueness_of :name, :message => "#{name} has already been taken" # also tried using #{:name}

I could use a custom validation, but this beats the point of using something that's already integrated into AR. Any thoughts? thanks.

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Try this interpolation technique:

validate_uniqueness_of :name, :message => "%{value} has already been taken"

The RailsGuide for Active Record Validations and Callbacks shows an example where %{value} is interpolated in a custom error message:

:message => "%{value} is not a valid size"

I looked at the validates_each documentation and can see the validate block is passed three properties: |record, attr, value|. All three can be accessed with %{model}, %{attribute} and %{value}.

While this is limited, since it only gives you access to three properties, thankfully that is all you need.

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Try self.name

validates_uniqueness_of :name, :message => "#{self.name} has already been taken" # also tried using #{:name}

Also validate_uniqueness_of is wrong it should be validates_uniqueness_of

If this not works use validate method and comment line validates_uniqueness_of

 def validate
    name= User.find_by_name(self.name) #Assuming User is your Model Name
    unless name.blank?
      self.errors.add :base, "#{self.name} has already been taken"
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I tried your first solution (self.name), but it merely echoed the class' name. I know I could achieve what I want with validate, but I'm trying to see if this is possible using the original method. –  sa125 May 12 '10 at 7:26

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