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any one can help in this?, i want to make a scroll bar to scroll the li underneath a div. in which i made a ui, scroller, but client want the front and back arrow to adjust the slides. like regular scroll bar like browser.

please visit ;

and you will witness what i request. And please don't recommend me a plug-in, because i need to use this scroll bar across the site with several customization process.

please give me the sample code / suggestion to make a scroll bar using jquery+css. with full functionality.

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If you want to use jquery and css the best way to go is going with a plugin like JScrollPane:

If you want to have several customization and looks you can easily do so with this kind of plugin: Example (different looks on the same page)

Doing it by scratch will be a little more work, and you need good understanding of javascript and the framework you are going to use.

A plugin like JScrollPane will already have most of the functionality you will need, and if you need something that there isn't you can add the functionality using the basic plugin.

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I already tried this. but i need to use both horizontal and vertical in same page. this plug-in is not working, if i use both scroll bar in single page. it is better to make one by manual then i can use wherever i need, thats why.. can you help me? – 3gwebtrain May 12 '10 at 7:50
For this issue, any one help me? – 3gwebtrain May 13 '10 at 4:43

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