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I have a batch file, 'buildAll.bat', that builds a set of projects. It will be called by another batch file, 'manager.bat'. The 'buildAll.bat' job executes in another window and outputs a lot of text. I want the progress of the build job to be displayed in the original window('manager.bat'), like this:

Building project 1...done. Building project 2...done. Building project 3...done. ... Build completed.

How can the build progress be communicated between the two jobs ?

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You might consider upgrading from CMD.EXE to PowerShell. This sort of thing becomes much easier if you're using a scripting environment created this Century. –  John Saunders May 12 '10 at 19:32
@John: I don't see it to be much easier with PowerShell, actually. –  Joey May 13 '10 at 9:52

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Temporary files, for example.


del /Q %TEMP%\Project*Done>nul 2>&1
rem build project 1
copy nul %TEMP%\Project1Done >nul
rem build project 2
copy nul %TEMP%\Project2Done >nul


<nul set /p X=Building project 1 ... 
if exists %TEMP%\Project1Done goto project1done
ping -n 1 localhost >nul 2>&1
goto waitforproject1
echo done.

<nul set /p X=Building project 2 ... 
if exists %TEMP%\Project2Done goto project2done
ping -n 1 localhost >nul 2>&1
goto waitforproject2
echo done.

Of course, this can be made much more powerful by relaying information about what projects are built and so on to the manager. But in principle it's easily possible.

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