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Does Vim or SciTE has syntax highlight support for T4 template .tt files?

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I'm sure you already searched the vim scripts for any custom T4 syntax files and your search didn't yield any results too. So, there's no custom syntax file provided.

Looking at my installation of Vim 7.3, I can also find no T4 syntax file.

So, the answer to your question (at least for vim) is nope, there's none.

However, it's no big deal to create a syntax file by yourself. You could either take an existing syntax file, read and understand it and then create a new one based on this for T4, or have a look at this tutorial where syntax file creation from scratch is being explained.

A quick look at the features of SciTE (section Languages understood by SciTE) looks as if there's no support for T4 by SciTE too.

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Yes, in fact there is!


Put that file in ~/.vim/syntax/ and put 'set syntax=tt' in your ~/.vimrc file, and you're all set! Works great for me!

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The file is for tintin/tt++, not for T4? –  eckes Feb 8 '11 at 21:34

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