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i think i can use "Scanner" to read a .txt file but how can i write or even create a new text file?

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To create a new text file

FileOutputStream object=new FileOutputStream("a.txt",true);

This will create a file if not available and if a file is already available it will append data to it.

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But that’s not very useful for writing text. – Konrad Rudolph May 14 '10 at 12:05

This Basic I/O and Files Tutorial should do the trick :)

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in this link it teaches about a class called 'Path' but its not in jdk 6 .and i'm not sure that jdk 7 is released. :? – mASOUD Jul 31 '10 at 7:51

Create a java.io.FileOutputStream to write it. To write text, you can create a PrintWriter around it.

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This simple code example will create the text file if it doesn't exist, and if it does, it will overwrite it:

try {  
    FileWriter outFile = new FileWriter("c:/myfile.txt");  
    PrintWriter out = new PrintWriter(outFile);  
    // Also could be written as follows on one line  
    // Printwriter out = new PrintWriter(new FileWriter(filename));  
    // Write text to file  
    out.println("This is some text I wrote");  
} catch (IOException e) {  

Hope it helps!

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