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I have a JavaScript object like:

appointerment= {ids: '15,16,17', appointments: {'15': '12.05.2010,14,05,2010'} }

now in appointments object I want to add something like '16': '21.05.2010'

what is the best possible way to do this?

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appointerment.appointments['16'] = '21.05.2010';

JSON is short for "JavaScript Object Notation", and as the name implies, it's basically just a way of representing Javascript objects. Thus, one can interact with JSON in the ways one tends to interact with any other object in Javascript, via the usage of the . or [] operators.

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appoiterment['appointments']['16'] = '21.05.2010';
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This is wrong. I assume you meant appoiterment['appointments']['16']? –  Sean Kinsey May 12 '10 at 11:59
Yes, that's exactly what I meant, thanks for the correction. –  Jakub Hampl May 12 '10 at 12:00
var x = { a:1, b:{c:1} }

x.b.d = 1

// x is now { a:1, b:{c:1, d:1} }

Note - But this won't work in the case of numbers like '16'.

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