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I have 2 servers with same cloned Mercurial repo but with different config lines in some files in this repo. How can I control this files via Mercurial but haven't problem when pull/puss between servers?

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You should rather have under version control:

  • one config file template
  • two config file values (one per environment)
  • one script able to take the config file template and fill it with the right values depending on the environment.

That way, no problem during pull/push.

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This question is very similar to the question I posted last night in stackoverflow.com/questions/11789875/… // the answers received so far are equally unsatisfactory. // In my post I explain how a more satisfactory solution was available in CVS. I hope that the DVCSes can offer something almost as good. –  Krazy Glew Aug 4 '12 at 4:27
By the way, rather than going all the way to a template, I often have ~/.config.system1 and ~/.config.system2, and have the script create a symlink from ~/.config -> ~/.config.system1 as appropriate. // Doesn't help if there are only a few differences, which are replicated, but helps if they are significantly different. // However, I would still prefer to find a solution that handles this better, such as I did in CVS. –  Krazy Glew Aug 4 '12 at 17:30

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