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I am trying to use the .NET Windows Form OpenFileDialog control to select a font file (not a font as you would with the FontDialog), but the dialog will not allow a mouse click to select a file in the C:\WINDOWS\Font directory.

Any ideas for choosing a font file

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The Fonts folder is customised. In order to make it behave like a normal folder - and allow a font file to be selected from it - you need to remove the ReadOnly and System attributes with attrib -s -r fonts. (This is for Windows XP/2003, I can't say for Vista/7)

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This works. Thanks But, as and when user browses how do you keep track of the selected folder? There is no event or value to check. I can use the above solution only in case if i set fonts as InitialDirectory. –  NileshChauhan May 13 '10 at 4:54
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