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this is more of a subjective Question, but I'll ask it anyway.

I'm about to develop a very data-centric application that has to run inside the browser. The frontend will be Silverlight, backed by a Fluent NHibernate service that runs server side.

The problem here is: Wherever I look for data-driven silverlight app I wind up finding Silverlight RIA services examples, but nothing on how to build this without some ADO.NET stuff involved.

I have little to no knowledge in WCF so far, but from the limited research I did it seems like WCF is pretty much the only way to let the client talk to the server.

Are there any tutorials/best practices on how to write a Silverlight MVVM app that provides CRUD for a non-EF database?

Suggestions would be very much appreciated. Thanks

PS: I can't use .NET remoting. The backend has to run on IIS6 :(

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If you only need CRUD why not try REST via WCF

Otherwise create just a regular wcf. Walkthrough: Creating and Accessing WCF Services

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There's a great series of posts from Brad A about using RIA Services at Business Apps Example for Silverlight 3 RTM and .NET RIA Services July Update Summary.

Some of these will be out of date, but it does cover using RIA Services from a collection of different data sources.

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I explicitly don't want to use RIA :) Thanks anyway – Tigraine May 13 '10 at 9:47
I believe there's also some stuff around on using WCF Data Services / Astoria using Linq to NHibernate. – Nigel Sampson May 13 '10 at 20:53

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