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I was wondering if its possible to have some kind of SQL error reporting that sends me an email that includes the error and the website that it's been found on.

I'd like to take this precaution because of hosting multiple drupal systems.

There is a PHP error variant:


Hope you guys know a way to become aware of any possible SQL errors by not loggin in to check the error report.

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You can use try{} / catch{} all your code with a php mailing function in the catch side. You have to do it by code, there is not an automatic (at least that I know; I wish there is) way of monitoring that.

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What version of SQL?
What type of "errors"?

Depending on how you handle/log errors you can configure a periodic SQL job to email you the results of a query.

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A thing im concerned about most is querys that are not succesfull. –  Paul H May 17 '10 at 7:08

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