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I have a ListBox with items, and have assigned a ContextMenu to it with three menu items. Everything is working fine except that one of the menu items launches a lengthy operation. I would like to close the ContextMenu from the handler, and maybe display an hour-glass cursor or something.

Can that be done? Or, should I be using a Popup instead? If so, how do I use a Popup in lieu of a ContextMenu? My assumption is I would have to manage it completely - placement and lifetime.


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You can simply run your lengthly operation under Dispatcher.BeginInvoke:

private void OnSomeContextMenuCommand(object sender, EventArgs e)
  Dispatcher.BeginInvoke(DispatcherPriority.Background, new Action(() =>
    // Put long-running operation here

If you do this, the ContextMenu will close before your long-running operation begins.

In general I prefer this solution to explicitly closing the ContextMenu because it completely separates the UI from the command handling.

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What you want is:

myContextMenu.IsOpen = false;

Be sure to call this before your lengthy operation occurs. Depending on your operation, you may want to consider making it asynchronous by performing the operation on another thread - that way, you won't halt the application thread.

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Ray Burns probably has a better answer for the situation asked about, but sometimes you just want to force a context menu to close for a different reason, in which case, this is the best answer :) –  viggity Aug 24 '12 at 14:07

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