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This configuration works fine, but inbound-channel-adapter which is supposed to poll every 15 secs is running continously. Does anyone have an idea what I'm doning wrong?

<si:channel id="msgChannel" />

    <si:inbound-channel-adapter ref="jdbcInputAdapter"
        method="fetchData" channel="msgChannel">
            <si:interval-trigger interval="15000" />

    <si:outbound-channel-adapter ref="shouter"  method="shout" channel="msgChannel"/>
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A poller will by default pick up all the messages from the channel or source each poll. You can tweak this with the max-messages-per-poll attribute. If you set that to 1 you will see the behavior you expect.

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@iwein Thank you so much, so easy –  stacker May 13 '10 at 7:46

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