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I'm in Windows 7 working on combining two apps with the same task bar icon, as described in this question:

I see there, and it lots of online documentation that I need to set the AppUserModelID as a property of the shortcut. My installer program uses the basic Visual Studio 2008 setup project, and I don't see any way to set shortcut properties on installation. Is there any head-start anyone can give me on how to do this?

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Any progress on this? I'm having the same issue on a VS2010 project – Twelve47 Jan 31 '11 at 13:53

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Sheng commented that "You can also switch to other MSI authoring tools that supports setting the appid for shortcuts, such as WIX or NSIS."

To achieve this using a Shortcut element in Wix you must add a child ShortcutProperty element to your Shortcut element and use the Shell property name "System.AppUserModel.ID" as the key.

    <Shortcut Id="StartMenuShortcut"
              Name="Shortcut Name"
              Description="Shortcut Description"
      <ShortcutProperty Key="System.AppUserModel.ID" Value="AppUserModelID" />
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There are known issues with explicitly setting the ShortcutProperty/Key to "System.AppUserModel.ID" - It looks as though Microsoft recommends that the GUID+PropertyID be used instead. "System.AppUserModel.ID" = "{9F4C2855-9F79-4B39-A8D0-E1D42DE1D5F3}, 5" (from -…) – jbudreau Apr 3 at 13:43

I don't know anything about VS2k8 setup projects so I don't know if you can run custom actions etc but I do know that to set the AppId on a shortcut you load/create your shortcut and query its IShellLink for IPropertyStore, then InitPropVariantFromString a variant with your id and call SetValue(PKEY_AppUserModel_ID,propvariant) + Commit on the propertystore

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Adding to Ander's reply.

Visual Studio Setup project does not support setting appid and will probably never be unless Microsoft reverse the deprecation of Setup project feature.

There is a Windows API Code Pack that helps in invoking shell APIs. Here is a tutorial on creating shortcut in custom action. You can add the code to update the shortcut to the custom action.

You can also switch to other MSI authoring tools that supports setting the appid for shortcuts, such as WIX or NSIS.

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By the way, emoacht has a great blog post describing how you create a shortcut with an associated AppUserModelID in C# ( – Pierre Arnaud Jul 29 '13 at 6:56

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