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Say I got two Controllers like this Table1sController, and Table2sController. With corresponding models: Table1sModel, Table2sModel.

In the Table1sController, I got this:


Say I want to access some data in Table2sModel.

How is it possible to do something like this in Table1sController? I have tried this in Table1sController:


But I received an error message like this:

Undefined property: Table1sController::$Table2sModel

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There are a few ways to go here.

If your models have defined associations (hasMany, etc.), then you can access that model's methods (assuming you're in Model1Controller) with:


If there is no model association between the two models, but you want to be able to use the Model2's methods, you can add an entry in the $uses attribute of model1Controller. See

Finally, if it's a transitory connection (you don't want the overhead of loading other models every time, because you're only rarely going to access model2), check out the manual's section on creating / destroying associations on the fly, at

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Something is inherently wrong with what you are doing.

In any controller, you can specify $uses = array('Table1sModel', 'Table2sModel', 'LolModel') and use each Model you need in your controller. You are not calling another controller to access a Model. Models are for data access, you access the needed ones directly from any controller.

I understand, that many MVC examples are almost always show you one page of one controller with one model which is horribly wrong as 99% of the cases you have one site from one controller using many different parts of different models.

(If you really need to call an action, use $this-requestAction())

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