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Assuming one has an abstract base class foo with __get() defined, and a child class bar which inherits from foo with a private variable $var, will the parent __get() be called when trying to access the private $var from outside the class?

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Yes. __get() and __set() (and __call() for that matter) are invoked when a data member is accessed that is not visible to the current execution.

In this case, $var is private, so accessing it publicly will invoke the __get() hook.

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    abstract class foo
        public function __get($var)
            echo "Parent (Foo) __get() called for $var\n";

   class bar extends foo
        private $var;
        public function __construct()
            $this->var = "25\n";

        public function getVar()
            return $this->var;

    $obj = new bar();
    echo $obj->var;
    echo $obj->getVar();


$ php test.php

Parent (Foo) __get() called for var


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