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In my PyGTK application I currently use 'editable' to make cells editable. But since my cell contents sometimes are really really large I want to ask the user for changes in a new window when he doubleclicks on a cell. But I could not find out how to hook on double-clicks on specific cellrenderers - I don't want to edit the whole row and I also don't want to set this callback for the whole row, only for columns where too long content can occur. How can I do this with CellRendererText() or something similar.

My currently cell-generating code is:

cols[i] = gtk.TreeViewColumn(coltitle)
cells[i] = gtk.CellRendererText()
cols[i].add_attribute(cells[i], 'text', i)
cells[i].set_property('editable', True)
cells[i].connect('edited', self.edited, (i, ls))


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I believe this is not possible directly. However, you can connect to button-press-event on the gtk.TreeView. Then, when event.type equals to gtk.gdk._2BUTTON_PRESS, convert x and y to tree location using gtk.TreeView.get_path_at_pos(). This will return both a tree path indicating the row and gtk.TreeViewColumn object on which the click was made.

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Very dirty :-D - but, if its the only possibility… ;-) –  rami May 12 '10 at 19:49
This also works for making Pixbufs clickable. –  Eldelshell May 20 '10 at 16:52

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