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I'm at the very early stages of a project requiring the broadcasting, using RTP, of a DataStream created from a MediaLocation. I'm following some example code which currently failingin on the rptManager.initalize(localAddress) with the error "Can't open local data port: xxxx", specifically:

Exception in thread "main" Can't open local data port: 34586
at RTPBroadcast.main(

I'm developing on Lucid and my firewall is completely disabled. I'm a little stumped to be honest. My code is as follows:

public class RTPBroadcast { 
    public static void main (String[] args) throws InvalidSessionAddressException, IOException, UnsupportedFormatException {

        RTPManager rtpManager = RTPManager.newInstance();
        SessionAddress localAddress = new SessionAddress();


        InetAddress ipAddress = InetAddress.getByName("");

        SessionAddress remoteAddress = new SessionAddress(ipAddress, 3000);


        DataSource dataOutput = new ScreenSource();

        SendStream sendStream = rtpManager.createSendStream( dataOutput, 1);

Any ideas on what could be causing the problem?

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If your problem currently isn't solved, try to look at jlibrtp instead of jmf.

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