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At my workplace we are using CVS as the version control system. Since we are using Windows mostly, TortoiseCVS and WinCVS serve as the GUI front-ends to CVS.

Is there anything like those front-ends for one of the distributed VCS (bzr, hg, git)? I know we could use the command line but that is not an option.

I've already tried Bazaar and was disappointed by TortoiseBzr.

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Try Mercurial. It has a tortoise shell plugin and integrates with Eclipse.

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Have you tried the Eclipse plugin? Any good? –  JW. Nov 11 '08 at 21:57
The shell plugin doesn't support 64-bit last time I checked. TortoiseBZR for Bazaar claims to. –  Joel Mueller Jan 2 '09 at 18:05


TortoiseHG for shell and MercurialEclipse

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TortoiseHG does not support Filerenames .. this is pretty bad.. –  Peter Parker Nov 15 '08 at 16:28

Mercurial seems to have the best GUI tools for Windows at the moment, but CVS or SVN GUI tools seem to be better, I hope this would change in the future.

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Mercurial has the best support when it comes to DVCS. There's TortoiseHg for integration with Explorer and Nautilus (Linux) and there are two Eclipse plug-ins (MercurialEclipse and Merclipse) that work. The former offers nearly everything Mercurial offers, including Rebase, Push, Pull, graphical history, workspace synchronization etc.

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I like bzr, but have not used the tortoise plugin; I believe Canonical are working on some front-ends for it as well. Oh, and of course there's an Eclipse plugin, so you can use your IDE as the GUI for it.

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