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For development reasons, I can't install Silverlight 4 on a particular machine.

Is it possible to install the Silverlight 4 plugin on one browser, e.g. in Chrome or Opera, while Firefox and Explorer continue to use the Silverlight 3 plugin?

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If you can't install Silverlight 3 on a particular machine why does it matter whether you can install both on a machine (I assume you mean a different machine)? – AnthonyWJones May 13 '10 at 8:15

Nope. Just tried it. The Silverlight installer installs the plugin for all installed browsers. Can you run a virtual machine and install SL4 on that?

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Silly question, why not just install the Silverlight 4 runtime and continue to develop with the Silverlight 3 Development tools?

The Silverlight 4 runtime is (theoretically) 100% backwards compatible and can run any Silverlight 3 XAP.

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