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It looks like this has been asked and answered in all the simple cases, excluding the one that I'm having trouble with. I've tried using a recursive CTE to generate this; however maybe a cursor would be better? Or maybe a set of recursive functions will do the trick?

Can this be done in a cte?

consider the following table

PrimaryKey   ParentKey  
1            NULL       
2            1       
3            6
4            7
5            2
6            1
7            NULL

should yield


where the number of - marks equal the depth, my primary difficulty is the ordering.

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It's kind of kludgey to do with an adjacency list schema, but it can be done with a recursive CTE:

WITH Hierarchy AS
        PrimaryKey, ParentKey,
        CAST('/' + CAST(PrimaryKey AS varchar(10)) AS varchar(50)) AS [Path],
        CAST('' AS varchar(50)) AS Prefix
    FROM @Tbl
    WHERE ParentKey IS NULL


        t.PrimaryKey, t.ParentKey,
        CAST(h.[Path] + '/' + CAST(t.PrimaryKey AS varchar(10)) AS varchar(50)),
        CAST(h.Prefix + '-' AS varchar(50))
    FROM Hierarchy h
    INNER JOIN @Tbl t
        ON t.ParentKey = h.PrimaryKey
SELECT [Path], Prefix + CAST(PrimaryKey AS varchar(10)) AS Node
FROM Hierarchy

To get the exact results you want, you need both the Prefix column (which does the "indentation") and the surrogate Path column, which actually does the ordering.

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Nice work. Thanks for the solution. –  Nick Olsen Jan 8 '13 at 3:56

Here's my offering - you also get the path to each node, if you want it. Change the str(x,4) call - make 4 the maximum length of the primary key when converted to decimal.

WITH TreePrinter(id, parent, path, prefix) AS
      PrimaryKey, ParentKey, 
      CAST(str(PrimaryKey,4) AS varchar(max)),
      CAST('' AS varchar(max))
   FROM YourTable
   WHERE ParentKey IS NULL
   SELECT child.PrimaryKey, child.ParentKey, 
     CAST(parent.path+'/'+STR(child.PrimaryKey,4) AS varchar(max)),
     CAST(parent.prefix+'-' AS varchar(max)),
     FROM YourTable parent
     INNER JOIN TreePrinter child ON child.id=parent.ParentKey
SELECT prefix+str(id) FROM TreePrinter
ORDER BY path 
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